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Moser Rainbow Glass Jewel Casket w/ key.                       Mt. Washington Burmese Cruet Set                               Vintage 1910  Hand Painted Glass Window/Door Panel Insert .

 Heavy polished crystal.   Fancy embossed                          2 cruets, Salt & Pepper & holder.                                      By listed Hungarian artist Jozeph Nemes.

 brass mounts.       $1795.                                                        4" wide x 10.5" tall x 10" lomg.                                             28" wide X 38.25" tall X 1.25" thick.  $3150.

                                                                                                       Rare & perfect.             $3250.


 Waterbury Jewelers Regulator Clock.  1880.        4 Color Mother of Pearl Diamond Quilted Banquet Lamp.          Emile Charlier Painting.  Circa 1895.  The Sheepfold.  Oil on canvas.

48" tall.X 17" wide.  Weight driven-8 day.                     Ca. 1880.  Fluted & engraved brass base on onyx foot..            Woman tending small flock of sheep at feeding time.  Large, very ornate frame.

J.W. Campbell Jeweler of Bowling Green, KY            With English fittings. Glass by Webb.  Ruffle top shade.          Excellent original condition.  Canvas is 19.5"  x  24".  Frame outside dimensions

lettering on front plus inventory/service card on           Approximately 30" tall overall.  Double wick.  $5500.                are 40" wide X 35" high.  $8500.

back.                             $3200.


"Gift Dancer" Bronze Statue by Carl Kauba.   Ca. 1900.              Handmade Cherry 2 Drawer/3 Shelf Rack.   1880s.                             Wavecrest Hanging Library Lamp .

Believed to be one of only 8 known surviving originals.                  19.75" wide X 36" tall X 7.75" deep.                                                      34" long--14" shade.  Still Kerosene.

 Signed & marked Vienna.  24" tall 0n 8" X 8" marble base.                                                    Fabulous!       $395.                                                 Polished.  $1295.



 Unsigned Handel Table  Lamp-   28" tall.  .                                 11 5/8" Fitter Mont Joye, France Lamp Shade.                                                  Child's Oak Rocker.  Ca. 1880.  With caned seat.

22" dia. leaded shade--"Rose Bush" Pattern.                              Chipped Ice surface with wonderful heavy enamelled                                          31" high x 17.5" wide.  $225.

Base pictured in Handel book with other shades .                      flowers with gold foliage & gold rings around top &

having almost the same patterns.      $14,000.                             neck.                     $3500.


Very Rare Miniature Composite Lamp with                      Signed Handel Overlay Paperwhite Table Lamp c. 1910.  16" dia.         Kate Greenway Girl With Dog James W. Tufts S.P. Toothpick

original shade.  Iron base, brass mounts.  Tiny                     x 21"  tall.  Narcissus flowers shade.   3 socket Art Nouveau                  Caddy with square Amberina insert.  3.25"  tall.  $1500.

fitter nickel acorn burner.  11" tall complete.  $4200.                 base.                                                   $6500.


Bradley & Hubbard Cigar Lighter Lamp.   ca. late 1800s.        Bradley & Hubbard pierced tin & jeweled hanging Hall Lamp.              Porcelain & Cast Iron Parlor Stove.  Ca. 1880s.

Signed w/Bradley & Hubbard (Triangle Mark) MFG U.S.A..        Ca. 1910  7" x 7" x 10" high.  Bottom hangs 26" from                                 40" tall x 27" wide x 15" deep.  Very stylish & unusual.

Sapphire Blue Hobnail Shade, pink roses & leaves over             ceiling.  Signed.  Nice Arts & Crafts look.  $495.                                               $2800.

milk glass stem.  Iron base, brass mounts & drop-in font.

  10.25" in tall, 4.5" square base.       $1800.


 Lance Armstrong Tour de France Original Oil Painting On Canvas.       The Tuetuls  OCC American Chopper Original Oil Painting         Petite Loetz  Glass & Bronze Lamp.  Ca. 1910

 By artist Steve Hallett of KY.   2005.  Framed.  30" x 40"                             On Canvas .  By artist Steve Hallett of KY. 2003.  30" x 40".               5.25" X 5.25" X  9.5" high.  Caramel & lavender

    $5000.                                                                                                                            $5000.                                                                                  colored swirl &  ruffle iridescent art glass shade

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         with bronze Art Nouveau holder.  $2600.


William F. Cody "Buffalo Bill" Painting.   Signed                                  Rare Oak Barber Cabinet.  Ca. 1880                                          Shore Bird Decoy by famous master carver Frank Schmid.

H.L. Amberson & dated 1936.  7" X 10" framed oil                                All original hardware with marble top.                                                    Signed & dated 1979.   12" tall.  $650.

on illustration board measuring 14" X 16"  overall .                               39" tall  X 30" wide X 14" deep.  Nice.  $2295.



Oak Cane Display Showcase.   Ca. 1890s.  Holds 54.                         Red & Green Leaded Hanging Lamp Shade. Ca. 1915.                              Seth Thomas Double Dial #1 Parlor Clock.  1862.

Hinged lift-up curved glass top & swing open front door.                                       25" dia. X 14" deep.  $2200.                                                               33" tall X 17" wide.   J.W. Campbell Jeweler  of

 Brass label on front H. Pauk & Sons MFG. Co.  1327 N.                                                                                                                                                        Bowling Green, KY inventory/service card on back.

 15th St. St. Louis, MO.  29"X27" full front door.                                                                                                                                                                                       $2600.

  27" wide X 51.5" high X 20.5" deep.   $2495.


Gothic Arch Stained Glass Window.   Ca. 1900                             Anglo-Indian Carved Desk.  Ca. 1860-1870.                                Pair of Richard E. Bishop Original Watercolors.  Ca. 1950.

7 ft.  tall X 34" wide.  Lavender, Amber, Green,                          53" high X 25" wide  X 25" deep.  Ornately carved with                    Each are 14"  X 18" outside dimensions, matted & framed.

Gold, White & Lite Blue colors.  $2695.                                       lady figures on front  instead of  gargoyles for U.S. market.            Published by Gaylord in early 50s as a deck of cards.  Possibly

                                                                                                                Bubinga or rosewood.  With key-plus secret hidden drawer           used as part of calendar as well.  Mallards & Pintails "In Flight."

                                                                                                                         inside.    $7500.                                                                                  Comes with 2 packs of two decks of cards they were used on.



Seth Thomas Oak #2 Railroad Depot Clock.                                Bradley & Hubbard Banquet Lamp.                                          Antler & Sterling Silver Cigar Cutter.   Ca 1880s.

Ca.1880s.  8-day, time only, weight driven, w/second          40" tall with 9" square base with ball & claw feet.  10" ball          9" long.  Signed WWH & marked with .800 silver & crown.

bit inset.  AB&C Railroad gold lettered door.                            shade with purple flowers against a green to pinkish                 Hunting dog & foilage motif silver work.  Excellent condition.   $2850.

36" tall x 16" wide at face X 5.75" deep.  Main body                  purple background.  Still Kerosene.    $2800.

 is 9.75" wide.         $2200.


Rare John Morgan & Sons Hanging Lamp.                                                      Bronze Dog-Greyhound.  Signed P.J. Mene.   Ca. 1860-1870.              Signed Bradley & Hubbard Art Glass Panel Lamp.

  Ca. 1910-1915.  20" tall X 15" wide.  Large center                                              11" long overall with marble base X 5" deep X 8.5" tall.                       24" high X 20" wide.  Triple socket with ball pulls.  All original.

  w/3 smaller reverse painted shades.  Smaller                                                                Bronze base 9" long.  $1850.                                                          Art & Craft pattern.    $2400.

  shades each are 4" tall X 6" wide.   John Morgan & Sons

 lamps are listed in the Paul Crist lamp book.     $12500.


Rare Cast Iron Barber Pole.  Ca. 1900.                                         Ca. 1880s Brass Hanging Chandelier Light.  48" tall x 36" wide.                                 Signed Tiffany & Co. Floor Lamp Base & Chicago

51" overall height.  10" wide at top ring.  6" dia.                           Electrified.  Center light with shade, chimney & smoke bell plus 4 perimiter                 Mosaic Leaded Shade .  1915.  5 ft. 6" tall fluted

at bottom.  8" milk glass globe on top.                                       lights at the end of brass bracket arms.  16 10" large prisms around central                  bronze base  with adjustable top shade holder.

Original paint-unrestored.     $2450.                                      ring.  Comes with original oil fount so center light can be switched back to                            #5948.  24" dia. shade Apple Blossom Pattern.

                                                                                                                   kerosene as well.    $3400.                                                                                                      Base $6800.      Shade $4500.


Rare Duffner Bronze Panel Slag Lamp.  27" tall fluted bronze              Large Portrait of Cardinal Samuel Alphonsius Stritch.  Ca. 1950           Duffner & Kimberly Colonial Table Lamp.  26" tall w/ 20" dia.

base with 18" dia. bronze overlay shade w/amber colored glass.         Oil on canvas.   36.5" wide X  45.5" tall w/original frame.                              leaded shade with amber colored glass.  Listed in the Paul

Listed in the Paul Crist book pg. 215 LR. Pictured  lamp  in                 Artist uncertain, but could be Greta Kempton, Gustav Likan or                    Crist book pg. 199 LL.  $18,000.

book  has same fish scale pattern but leaded.   $14,000.                      A. Melvin Phillips.  Excellent condition.  $8500.

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