NCTC’s 2018 Annual Members Meeting was held Sat., Nov 3.

Several people were in attendance, and as always, everyone left with a nice gift.

Entertainment began at noon by Kade Allen, a senior at Macon County High School.

Kade played guitar and sang several Johnny Cash songs. He was joined on stage by Oree Hiett, who sang Dolly Parton’s “Coat of Many Colors.”

Following Kade and Oree, Eddie Blankenship entertained the crowd with his popular impersonation of Elvis Presley.

He did not disappoint! Eddie, an NCTC central office technician, drew from his alter ego as he sang several hits from the rock and roll king. The attendees enjoyed the event and were engaged from beginning to end.

Kadee Allen
Kadee Allen & Oree Hiett

NCTC board chairman, Glen Hardcastle, called the meeting to order. The invocation was given by board secretary Calvin Graves, and Kade Allen returned to the stage to sing the National Anthem. Secretary Graves made the announcement that a quorum was determined, and general counsel Guy Holliman went through the notice of mailing, proof of mailing, and the nominating committee report. A motion was made to omit reading the minutes during the meeting to cut down on time, and instead to have them scrolling on screen in the lobby. That motion was passed.

Chairman Hardcastle spoke to the audience and thanked everyone for their attendance. He also expressed his appreciation to the NCTC employees and to Johnny McClanahan, who was named President and CEO earlier in the year.

Johnny McClanahan stated in his manager’s message that the cooperative is doing very well, and he spoke about how NCTC is dedicated to staying engaged with customers each and every day. He gave an update on the construction of fiber throughout the service area and said NCTC plans to complete the remaining areas of Red Boiling Springs, Hillsdale, and Green Grove in Tennessee and in Allen County, Kentucky, within a two year time frame.

Johnny McClanahan, President & CEO
2918 Board of Directors

Additionally, he commented on the fiber deployment in Warren County as NCTC has applied for and was granted a franchise to serve the area. NCTC has also completed a fiber-to-the-home project in Trousdale County as part of a grant that NCTC received from the USDA RUS Community Connect program. A groundbreaking was recently held to begin construction in Riddleton, Tennessee, which was also in conjunction with a USDA RUS Community Connect Grant. “We are extremely happy and proud to be able to provide broadband to this deserving area,” he said. In total, both grants should give broadband access to approximately 350 residents who had no connection before.

McClanahan discussed the challenges rural cooperatives face, but he assured the members that he, along with other telephone cooperatives throughout the country are addressing the issue and advocating for the distribution of dollars back to the local network.

“Our future as a community network is based on your desire to continue to choose us as your first choice,” McClanahan said. He concluded his remarks by thanking the board of directors for their vision and leadership, the employees, and most importantly—the members for their continued support.

NCTC employees then drew for both children and adult door prizes. Several gifts were given. Central Elementary second grader, Eli Barrera, won an iPad. NCTC will also give an iPad to Central Elementary on Eli’s behalf.

Elvis and the Crowd
Children Winners
Adult Winners
Bobby Sircy, Community Service Award winner
Eli Barrera, iPad winner
Dancing to Elvis

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