news-thumbs-logosNEW-1The North Central Telephone Cooperative (NCTC) name has always stood for advanced technology and progress.

In the 1950s the symbol of technology was a black phone with distinct lettering on our vehicles and office windows. In the 80s we gave the movement of technology owned by the people a true symbol and began using the circle shape made up of 3 distinct pieces: Community, Technology and You. The 90s brought more dimension to our logo as it took on the feel of an active Internet and Entertainment company, and we added an arrow pointing toward the future. In the last 10 years, we moved to the simplicity of the times, using the name our customers fondly call us “North Central.”

Today, we are proud to unveil our new logo. Keeping our blue circle of technology influence and adding you, our customer, more prominently in the center of activity.

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