Is your Wi-Fi network falling short of keeping up with the Joneses?

A tale of two wi-fi's. [Illustration depicting the Joneses house as having better wi-fi coverage than the Smiths house].


The Smiths have a standard router and often lose their Wi-Fi signal when connecting in certain rooms of their home.

The Joneses have a Wi-Fi extender from NCTC. They are free to roam everywhere in their home and beyond with no worries of dropping their internet connection.

Be like the Joneses and choose the worry-free way!

Call NCTC today and get a Wi-Fi extender for only pennies a day.

(615) 666-2151

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You're getting 1 gig for free for 90 days. No action is required on your end.
When your 90-day trial period is up, you’ll automatically be dropped back down to your original speed unless you reach out to us to upgrade your plan.