Whether it’s a birthday, yard sale, anniversary, business, free pet, revival, celebration, local club event, holiday greeting, or birth of a baby. Put your ad on North Central’s local television stations! TV Advertising with North Central’s Channels 15 and 6 play in a continuous loop with music provided by our local radio stations: Lafayette’s WLCT on channel 15 and Scottsville’s WVLE radio station playing on channel 6.

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How much does it cost?

Ads are priced based on the type of information (business ad, residential ad, or public service announcements). There’s no extra charge for how many words or pictures used, but keep in mind that each ad runs for about 12 seconds. So less is more!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do they run?

The local channels are divided into two main groups “Paid” and “Free”. The system runs the ads in a rotation: “Paid” “Free” Paid”. So ads that are paid for play more often. (This also provides a platform for ads that are free to get more exposure by paying for the announcement). Each ad typically plays for 12 seconds in the never-ending cycle. The only time that ads are not playing is for a few hours when our local programming is playing during the week.

Who all can see this channel?

North Central is always expanding the areas that can receive NCTC’s Local IP TV Service, so the number of potential viewers is always expanding. We have customers in TN spanning from the western edge of Clay County all the way to Westmoreland and Bethpage.
Lafayette, Westmoreland, Scottsville, Defeated, Maple Grove, Galen, and growing!
Want to see if our video service is available in your area? Call us at 615-666-2151 M-F 8:00 – 4:30.

Can I put my ad on both CH 6 & CH 15?

Yes! Even better, there’s no extra cost! Reach our full audience by putting your ad on both of our local channels. Just make sure to specify that you want your ad ran on both channels.
Ads do not automatically go on both, so please mention it to us.

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