Summertime. It’s the season for cookouts, vacations and long days of fun in the sun. Unfortunately, it’s also the season for more scrapes, cuts, bites and falls. But NCTC is providing the technology that may help take care of those “oops” moments.

In the summer, more of us go outside to work in the yard, play sports or explore the great outdoors. And whenever our activity levels increase, we are more likely to experience an accident that leaves us seeking medical attention.

Medical data shows that in the summer, we as Americans experience more falls, auto accidents, dog bites and injuries related to sports, water, bicycling and skateboarding. In fact, some hospitals even refer to summer as “trauma season.”

At NCTC, there are many reasons we’ve built a robust broad- band network, but one of the most important reasons is to help doctors, nurses and other providers take better care of the people in our community.

Across the country, broadband is enabling rural doctors, small hospitals, rehabilitation therapists, pharmacists, and regional specialists to connect with patients and with each other in ways that were impossible only a few years ago.  From cloud-based appointment scheduling and medical record keeping to automated inventory tracking and ordering, there are dozens of ways providers are harnessing the power of broadband to provide their patients with better care.

Doctors can compare symptoms and diagnoses with colleagues around the country. X-ray images can be sent to specialists at major hospitals for analysis. Nurses can transmit prescriptions to pharmacists so that medicine is ready before a patient even arrives at the pharmacy. And everyone in the medical field has an unbelievable amount of training opportunities and research right at their fingertips.

This year, as there’s more talk in Washington about investing in infrastructure, it’s impor- tant to remember that infrastructure doesn’t just mean roads and bridges. At NCTC, we’ve invested millions of dollars in building the broadband infrastructure that connects the cornerstones of our community, including education, public safety, commerce and, of course, health care. With that in mind, we’re happy to join telcos across the country in NTCA’s campaign encouraging federal, state and local of officials to “Build Broadband with Us.” I hope you will review the information on Page 3 of this magazine to find out more about this campaign.

As your local broadband/internet provider, we’re proud of the strides our local health care providers are making in caring for their patients and proud of the role we play in helping them.

I hope everyone has a fun, safe, injury-free summer. But know that if you fall victim to trauma season, local health care providers are backed by a strong broadband network to help deliver the best possible care and get you back out there enjoying summer again.

Have a great summer, and thank you for your business!  

 – Nancy J. White, Chief Executive Officer

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