At NCTC, our daily business is providing reliable service for our customers — but in the big picture, we’re also in the jobs business.

Our broadband network is foundational to our area’s economic well-being and crucial to keeping and growing job opportunities locally. We all want fulfilling and meaningful jobs that provide for ourselves and our families, and broadband is becoming critical to making them possible.  Reliable, high-speed internet access allows our region to remain competitive and viable in four major economic areas.


Whether it’s an agricultural operation, an industrial plant or a hospital, businesses rely on broadband to order materials, coordinate logistics, manage supply chains and communicate with other facilities. When a manufacturer or other big business considers a rural area like ours for a new facility, they are always concerned about broadband access. I’ve seen more than a few companies surprised by the quality of connections we provide. I’m happy to say that NCTC can provide fiber optics to our area’s main industrial parks. We frequently work with local officials to recruit new businesses and to help existing businesses expand.


It’s no stretch to say small businesses are the backbone of our community. Whether it’s providing Wi-Fi for their customers, giving access to online marketplaces or just ordering supplies online, those same small businesses benefit from our broadband and our phone network. In an age where it’s easier than ever for small businesses in our community to reach a nationalor worldwide audience, NCTC is proud to support them as they grow.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly a quarter of Americans do at least some of their work from home. Rural areas like ours are increasingly attractive to telecommuters who may not want the expense and stress of living in cities. While it’s easier to overlook the impact of telecommuters compared to a manufacturing plant spread over several acres, these remote workers play a role in our area’s economy. These talented folks are able to have the best of both worlds, with good-paying jobs from top companies while living a rural lifestyle. Most of these jobs are only possible because of the broadband and phone networks we provide.


Many of the brave souls who chase the dream of starting their own business used to face steep disadvantages by launching their startups in rural areas. Entrepreneurs would frequently have to move to cities to find customers, workers or the communications infrastructure to help them launch and grow their businesses. Now, with our broadband, they can engage remote workers, network with other entrepreneurs and reach distant markets like never before.  Those four groups of employees and employers make up a significant portion of our local economy. They do great work producing quality products and services for their customers throughout the ups and downs that any business or economy will have. But as they move forward, I’m happy that they can be confident in having a reliable, supportive communications partner growing right along with them.

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