Residential & Small Business 

When you report a problem with your telephone wire or jacks in your home or office, we know you want it fixed as soon as possible.  Our complete maintenance plan covers the cost of troubleshooting and repair of communication wires inside your home or office for a small monthly fee. 

This includes wires for TV, Internet, and Voice services and any other communication wires professionally installed within your home/office.

This includes pre-wired and post-wired wiring throughout the home, surface mounted or wall plate jacks, plus the pre-cut jumpers from the wall to the equipment.  Furthermore, this service includes replacement and maintenance of remote controls and any other North Central provided equipment

If you have TV, Voice and/or Internet Services with us, you only need to purchase the plan once to cover all of your services.  

Complete Maintenance Covers:

  • Troubleshooting & Repair of inside communication wires – Phone, TV, Internet
  • Repair & Replacement of any connected and previously working wire and jack
  • Remote Control replacement (up to 2 trips per year)
  • Service Repair appointment fee otherwise chargeable when not subscribed to the Complete Maintenance Plan

Complete Maintenance Does NOT Cover:

  • Alarm, electrical, and customer-installed wiring
  • Customer-caused damage/abuse
  • Alterations to NCTC Equipment
  • Repair of telephone equipment and other devices
  • Inside wiring and jacks for RV, construction trailers, temporary or movable homes
  • Damage due to natural disaster, floods, or acts of God, animals, and/or insects
  • Non-Standard Wiring – Wiring that has not been professionally installed and does not meet telephone industry standards

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You're getting 1 gig for free for 90 days. No action is required on your end.
When your 90-day trial period is up, you’ll automatically be dropped back down to your original speed unless you reach out to us to upgrade your plan.