In the telecommunications world, it’s easy for a company to get so caught up in the fiber optics, cybersecurity, FCC rules and engineering maps that they forget the most important thing about our business: the way we treat our customers. 

Nancy WhiteThat’s not the case at NCTC. Despite the millions of dollars we’ve spent on network infrastructure and the years of planning that have gone into delivering our services to you, I know that your experience with us hinges on how you are treated when you need assistance.

And while customer service is always an area of focus for us, companies around the country will highlight the service provided by their employees during Customer Service Week, Oct. 3-7. With that in mind, I’d like to take a moment to salute our customer service staff. I believe we have one of the best customer service teams anywhere, and they do a tremendous job making sure our customers’ needs are met.

I’d also like to thank the employees who make your needs their No. 1 priority, even though their job title doesn’t say “customer service.” Our employees, acting as a team, work hard to provide service that is second to none. At NCTC, we operate as if every week is Customer Service Week.

We work to make sure we haven’t just met our customers’ needs but to be sure we have exceeded their expectations. We’ve also adopted the idea that customer service is not a department of our cooperative but a mindset for all of our employees when they come to work every day. I am very proud of the focus that every one of our employees — whether they work in the of ce or outside — has placed on serving you.

There’s a good reason we treat you differently. Locally based cooperatives like ours have extra incentive to make sure you’re pleased with the service you receive. We have been a part of this community for decades, and many of our employees regularly serve their family members and friends. From my experience, and from the stories I’ve heard, that’s not the case everywhere.

National customer service surveys and reports regularly show that the huge, pro t-driven corporate telecommunications companies have some of the lowest customer satisfaction numbers of any company in any industry. Customers are made to wait for poor service, are sold products that don’t meet their needs, and are led through a maze of 1-800 numbers, phone menus and unhelpful employees when they need something.

At North Central, we have a staff that is committed to spending the time to learn about your needs and to offer services that match those needs. We have employees who will answer the phone and help solve your problems, stand behind their work and put in the time to get the job done right. From top to bottom, our organization is committed to making sure you get the customer service you deserve — whether it’s Customer Service Week or any other week of the year. Thank you for your business and for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

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