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With Whole home DVR you never have to miss your favorite show. Now you can record TV and watch it from any room in your house with just one DVR. And, you can record multiple channels at once so even if you have several shows that air at the same time you can watch them all. Whole Home DVR gives you the control of your TV experience.

With Whole Home DVR you can also:

  • Schedule update or delete your recordings from any TV in your home.
  • Play the same recorded show on different TVs at the same time and control them separately.
  • Record More Shows At Once.
  • Store your shows until you’re ready to watch with more than X hours of space.


The perfect way to schedule and manage your DVR recordings.
With YourTV’s intuitive user interface, schedule recordings on your DVR or control your set-top box without picking up the remote control. Forget to program your DVR before you leave home – NO PROBLEM. You can program your DVR from your phone or tablet, no matter where you are.


  • Browse the Program Guide for all channels offered by NCTC
  • Schedule and manage your DVR recordings


To activate your app you will need the following information:

  • Server Address: iptv.nctc.com
  • UserID: “Your Account #” (found on your invoice)
  • Password: The last four digits of your telephone number

It’s easy. Just download the app now using one of the buttons below. For more assistance you can call our Customer Service Department at 615-666-2151 or send us an email.


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