Annual traditions tie us together, creating threads that run through every season. Those bonds are never stronger than during the holidays: Family dinners, decorating, church services and memory-making trips to the Vester Tree Farm.

The holidays are also a time to reflect on the past year and to look to the future. And from those of us at NCTC, thank you for making 2017 a success. We think you will be excited by what next year will bring, too. Together, we are building powerful traditions.

As I write this, we are making preparations for our annual meeting.  Please come help us celebrate NCTC, your cooperative that improves all of our lives with industry-leading communications services.  I hope you can attend for the fun and fellowship, and to hear reports on the progress made by your cooperative over the past year.

Providing faster internet speeds has been our focus, and we continue to build the fiber network that provides broadband services rivaling those found anywhere in the world. Our fiber-based network now extends into the Maysville, Oak Forest, and Brownsford communities in Allen County and Galen in Macon County, along with the northern part of Macon County. NCTC also began installing fiber in a portion of Trousdale County through a USDA grant, and those residents can expect service very soon.

But that was only the beginning. NCTC was awarded a contract to build fiber from Allen County to Bowling Green as part of the KentuckyWired project, a state effort to create the “middle mile” infrastructure needed to improve internet access throughout the commonwealth.  The expansion also created the network capacity needed for NCTC to take our service to customers
in parts of Warren County.

All of that hard work has not gone unnoticed. NCTC was one of six companies in the world this year to receive the Innovation Award from Calix Networks, which recognizes service providers for transformative new services and for commitment to their community. We’re honored to be in such elite company, and we hope you’re just as proud to be a part of a strong, progressive

Most of NCTC’s customers have access to the fastest high-speed internet available anywhere in the world! While that is a significant accomplishment, we are not finished. NCTC remains committed to extending that capacity throughout the region. We are committed, long-term, to providing the services you need and desire.

While we are really proud of our accomplishments, we have not forgotten about service. We continue to solve 95 percent of problems you report in one day.

Recently, you may have received a feedback survey in the mail. Please take the time to complete the survey and return it to us. We value your opinions, and this input will help us understand what is most important to you. You can complete the survey online at  Make sure your voice is heard.

For all of us in the NCTC family, it’s a blessing to have the privilege of building a world-class broadband network to serve you. Each day, we continue to weave together the traditions of service and commitment that make our cooperative — with your continued support — strong in every season. We wish you a happy Thanksgiving, a wonderful Christmas, and a prosperous

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