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Many of us use broadband when we first wake up, at the last moment before we go to sleep and during much of the time in between. For something that barely existed 15 years ago, it’s remarkably embedded in our lives.

In the morning, before we even get dressed, we check the weather. That’s right; broadband helps us decide what clothes to wear every day. When we get in our cars, many of us listen to podcasts, stream internet radio stations or use our phone’s GPS for directions if we’re going somewhere new. These services may exist on our mobile phones, but it’s important to remember that it’s often broadband providers like North Central that have built the network to connect cell towers to servers.

At work, more and more of our jobs rely on broadband. We email customers and co-workers. We order parts. We download new curricula, training videos or manuals. We upload our documents, diagrams and data to far-flung vendors, partners and clients. More and more of us are using videoconferencing to interact face-to-face with people around the country or even around the world.

Toward the end of our work day, some of us search recipes or restaurant menus to decide on dinner. After we eat, many of us shop online, share photos with family members or browse social media. Then, as our evening comes to an end, we stream TV shows, catch up on news articles or read an e-book we’ve downloaded on our tablets.

To be sure, the internet has made so many day-to-day tasks more convenient and has allowed us to work more efficiently.

It’s easy to say no one could have predicted how big the internet has become in our daily lives, but as your local broadband provider, it’s our job to predict these types of advances and prepare for them. We’ve worked hard over the past several decades to be sure we invested in the network our customers would need, before they would need it. For our area to keep up with the business trends, quality of life and educational opportunities in other areas, it’s been paramount that our network be able to handle future demands.

Looking forward, I don’t see these advances slowing down. On the contrary, I believe changes in telemedicine, streaming entertainment, cloud-based computing, home automation and long-distance learning will rapidly increase the importance of a reliable broadband connection.

I’m excited to see the new ways technology will improve our lives over the next 10 or 15 years, and I’m excited to be part of the team that’s delivering this technology to the customers of North Central.

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