Added Announcement Repository in CAP

The new Announcement Repository allows administrators to save multiple audio announcements to use for various greetings used for features such as Auto Attendant. Previously, if a greeting needed to be changed, the new greeting would over-write the old greeting. With the Announcement Repository, multiple greetings can be uploaded to the CAP and selected as active at any time. The Announcement Repository can be found at the top of the Enterprise Services administration menu on the left in CAP.

Updated Schedule Tool in CAP

The Schedules tool in CAP has been updated with a new look and feel. The new Schedule tool is easier to navigate and performs better than before.

Addition of Bulk Update Tool in CAP

The Bulk Update tool allows mundane administrative tasks to be completed much faster and with less mouse clicks. Now, Calling Line ID, Time Zone, Auto Attendant parameters, Hunt Group parameters and Music on Hold parameters can be modified in bulk vs. having to modify each item individually. The Bull Update tool can be found at the bottom of the administration menu on the left in CAP.


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