NCTC is Pleased to Announce cloudUC Enhancements!

The following enhancements will be active as of 10/21/2019

  • nCommand Anywhere administration via the CAP – instead of requiring administration via the app itself, all nCommand Anywhere settings will be exposed in the CAP
  • Enhanced Caller ID settings – for each user, Caller ID can now be modified during transfer situations to display the outside caller information in lieu of showing the calling information of the person transferring the call
  • Enhancement in searches for phone numbers in the CAP – searches for phone numbers no longer require that the area code be surrounded by ( )
  • The maximum length of a voicemail message has been increased to 10 minutes
  • In the CAP, standalone mailboxes are automatically enabled when they are assigned. Previously, even though a mailbox had been assigned, it would have to be explicitly enabled
  • Introduction of Advanced Call Center  – the new Advanced Call Center licensing provides enhanced call center functionality over the existing Standard Call Center feature set. Advanced Call Center feature highlights include DNIS specific queue settings, skills based routing and the addition of call disposition codes. Advanced Call Center required optional licensing to enable it’s features
  • NCTC cloudUC will now support the Poly VVX x50 series telephones. This includes the VVX 150, VVX 250, VVX 350, VVX 450 and the EM50 Expansion Module (VVX 450 only)
  • VVX x50 series phones will now support the Obihai WiFi adapter – no longer is an Ethernet cable required to support a VVX x50 series telephone
  • VVX x50 series phones will support one touch Park and Retrieve via BLF key

macOS Catalina Notes

  • Catalina does not support 32 bit applications. Customers planning to upgrade to Catalina will be required to upgrade nCommand to version 22.5.3 or 22.7.5. NCTC nCommand 21.2 will not run on Catalina
  • Catalina also requires that an exception be added to install any 3rd party downloaded apps


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