Why We’re a Smart Rural Community NCTC showed United States Congressional staffers how we do it in rural Tennessee. We were proud to be part of their Foundation for Rural Service (FRS) Congressional Broadband Tour. With a tour of our fiber network and state-of-the-art facilities and a stop at Macon County General Hospital to check out the telemedicine system, which allows doctors in Lafayette to consult with specialists in Nashville, our visitors were able to see first hand why we were recognized as a Smart Rural Community.

FRS Executive Director Jessica Golden seemed impressed: “When people think rural, they don’t always think innovative and forward thinking, but a lot of our members invest in their communities to make sure their communities are receiving the best, and that surprised a lot of Congressional staff,” Golden said..

“We have been working with the Foundation to bring this tour to Kentucky and Tennessee for 5 years.  It is important for our legislators to see the impact we are making in this rural area and that we need their support just as much as the larger carriers,” stated NCTC’s CEO Nancy J. White.

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