NCTC Story

For 70 years and counting, NCTC has been serving your community with the best technology in rural America, and today NCTC has some of the most advanced technology in the world!

NCTC is—and always will be—your local provider of communications services. Our commitment to provide you with Internet, Cloud, Television, and Voice services is not only unwavering, but it is deeper than ever before. NCTC values quality customer service and is proud to be a local company who supports the community it serves.

NCTC Story

The state of the art network and its partnerships with local schools, government, and businesses earned NCTC a national designation by NTCA—the Rural Broadband Association—as a “Smart Rural Community.” And as a Gig Certified Provider, NCTC customers enjoy the fastest Internet available anywhere!

NCTC wants to be more than simply a provider of technology. We’ll treat you like a neighbor, because we are. Our local customer service representatives know your area because they work right down the street from you. In fact, they may even live right next door. So whenever you need help, count on us to be there for you. We are member focused, and technology driven.

"We're on a mission powering
progress in our homes, businesses
and communities."

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You're getting 1 gig for free for 90 days. No action is required on your end.
When your 90-day trial period is up, you’ll automatically be dropped back down to your original speed unless you reach out to us to upgrade your plan.