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Get your Messages Out to the Masses in Minutes with NOTIFY!


Notify is the best way your business can get messages to your customers.  It provides your business a powerful with an automated messaging service that will deliver phone messages and emails automatically to your customers.

Non-pay reminders • Meeting Reminders • Weather cancellations of events • Service changes and outages • Appointment reminders • Promotional offers 

Upload your contacts.

Record your message.

Set the date and time to start.


Up to 250 Contacts $14.95/month


251-1,000 Contacts $24.95/month


One time $25 activation fee. Long distance calls will incur additional charges.

*Some restrictions may apply. Messages can be no longer than 2.5 minutes. Customer must choose an NCTC long distance plan or block all toll. NCTC is not liable for messages sent in either content or timing. Service is not to be used as a reverse 911 notification tool. Customers are responsible for following the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Visit 

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