Life is too short for Bad Wi-Fi!


Advanced Wi-Fi

Get the best Wi-Fi experience throughout your entire home with worry-free service.

Why should I get Whole Home Wi-Fi?

The way we use Wi-Fi is evolving rapidly.  With more users, more devices, and more bandwidth-intensive applications, your home Wi-Fi needs to be better than ever before: fast, reliable and accessible from anywhere.

Even with state-of-the-art access points, you can still have Wi-Fi issues.  As you move around the house, you may not always experience the same great WiFi Coverage.  There may even be dead spots in your house.  In the garage or in the yard, where you can’t connect to your Wi-Fi network at all.  

Start with your NCTC’s GigaCenter (router).  Then add the 804Mesh where you need to extend your WiFi Signal for just $3 per month. 

The latest technology. The best performance.

Not all Wi-Fi is created equal. The GigaCenter makes use of the latest technology to give you the best possible performance.

Fast reliable Wi-Fi in every corner of your home

For larger homes, the NCTC GigaCenter can be combined with up to four NCTC 804Mesh satellite units to ensure you have outstanding Wi-Fi coverage no matter where you are in your home; even in your garage and backyard.  The 804Mesh units work with the GigaCenter to cover your home in a seamless “mesh” of Wi-Fi. They’re small and faster and more reliable than Wi-Fi extenders. 

Why NCTC 804Mesh?

When combined with the NCTC GigaCenter, the 804Mesh satellite meets all your Wi-Fi needs for speed, coverage and more, featuring:

  • A single, seamless network for all your Wi-Fi devices
  • The same great Wi-Fi quality everywhere you roam in your home
  • The fastest band for whatever device you’re using

Cutting-edge Mesh Wi-Fi technology

The NCTC 804Mesh satellites and GigaCenter use the most sophisticated Mesh Wi-Fi technology available.

Dual-band support means that the 804Mesh has two Wi-Fi radios; high bandwidth applications (like video) are routed to the 5 GHz band, while lower bandwidth activities use the 2.4 GHz band.
The NCTC GigaCenter continually assesses the network and “steers” your traffic to the either the 804Mesh satellite or the GigaCenter, using whichever device or radio/band will give you the best performance.
Beamforming technology improves performance and reduces interference by focusing the wireless signal directly to your device.

We’ve got you covered with remote management

The NCTC GigaCenter and the 804Mesh satellites provide a Wi-Fi experience that’s second to none. But if you do have any technical issues, we’ve got you covered with sophisticated remote monitoring and diagnostics that help us quickly identify and resolve any problems you may be experiencing—and, in most cases, without having to send a technician to your home.

Our experienced customer support representatives can see which of your devices are connected, which ones are having issues and help you troubleshoot and solve the problem quickly. In fact, we can perform a wide range of diagnostics to make sure you’re getting the best possible service. We can even tell you if you need to add an 804Mesh satellite to your network and where to put it to get the best performance.

  • Uptime of your GigaCenter – Is your gateway functioning correctly or powered on consistently?
  • Interference on Wi-Fi channels – Make sure other devices aren’t interfering with your Wi-Fi signal.
  • Internet errors – If your GigaCenter or your Internet connection is not strong or is malfunctioning, we can monitor recent and current errors
  • Ethernet ports being used – How many devices are plugged in directly to your GigaCenter? Are the Ethernet ports functioning correctly?
  • Connected devices – We can make sure your devices are connected to the Internet and receiving a strong Wi-Fi signal.
  • Password and setting changes – If you need assistance, we can help you by changing your Wi-Fi password or wireless settings from our office.

What are you waiting for?

LIfe’s too short for bad Wi-FI.  

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You're getting 1 gig for free for 90 days. No action is required on your end.
When your 90-day trial period is up, you’ll automatically be dropped back down to your original speed unless you reach out to us to upgrade your plan.